Jacob David Baker Jacob David Baker Jacob David Baker Jacob David Baker

Jacob David Baker
October 19, 2004 ~ October 30, 2005

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Jacob will always be remembered as an incredible little boy. For the much too short time he was here with us, Jacob was curious, intelligent, intuitive, full of life, heart warming, delightful, compassionate and pure joy. Jacob was a mesmerizing twelve month old who touched the hearts and changed the lives of all who came in contact with him. He was truly amazing.

Jacob enjoyed every ounce of life. His trust in himself and his Mommy and Daddy made him explore the world with open arms. Although cautious, he wasn’t afraid to try anything and always made sure to share his enthusiasm by looking up to you as if to say ~ “Wow, this is wonderful! Don’t you think so?” He inspired us to be better people. He made our hopes, wishes and dreams come true. He is the best person we have ever known and our lives, as sad as they are without him, are that much richer for having known him.

Jacob’s life ended far too soon. For the very brief time he was here with us, he captured everything good and shared it with everyone around him ~ whether it was crawling to you with his favorite book, giggling at doggies, splashing in the tub and pool, squealing with delight when bubbles were blown, relaxing on the boardwalk while people watching, racing toy trucks and being silly with Grandma, swinging and rocking with Pops, sitting quietly with Grampy, playing with Grammy, enjoying many books and kisses with Mommy or feeling safe in the arms of his Daddy as he snuggled in for the evening, Jacob captured hearts more in one year than most people are capable of in a lifetime.

There is not a second that goes by when we don’t miss Jacob. However, there is not a moment that passes that we don’t remember who Jacob was/is and how proud we are of our little boy. His spirit continues to inspire and motivate people to do positive things. Jacob is a strength far greater than anything we have ever known.

Our strength, Our love, Our hope, Our joy ~ Our sweetest little baby boy.

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